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Podcast: The How & Why of Content Marketing with B2B Expert Ardath Albee


As an inbound agency, we talk a lot about developing marketing content and strategies that drive results.

So today, we're sitting down with a woman who wrote the book on just that--literally.

Ardath Albee is a B2B marketing expert who took years of marketing experience and turned it into her recently published book, Digital Relevance - Developing Marketing Content and Strategies that Drive Results.

During this podcast, she lets us pick her brain about the strategies that should be driving content marketing in order to make your company's online campaign as effective as possible. 

We'll hear from Ardath on:

1) Why she feels that  'campaigns must die'

2) How to both scale down and maintain the personalization of buyer personas

3) The importance of being 'relevant enough that we resonate'

4) Why marketers are missing the mark

5) Actionable steps that can be taken to strategize the "what's next" of marketing efforts

6) Blogging frequency, editorial calendar, and the "chain of content"


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